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I had the pleasure to lead the creative team and craft this SBIR grant-awarded mobile game in partnership with Georgia universities and hospitals.

The aim was to teach children what’s going on inside their bodies so they can live healthier lives.

Goofy powerups like the School Bus Basher and the Kitty Laser will help you obliterate pathogens and obstacles alike! Find and equip different gizmos scattered around and experiment to exploit enemy weaknesses and solve puzzles in your way.
Slingshot your way through the circulatory system, bounce around arteries, and slip through veins to defend the body against unwanted invaders. Every encounter is based on real life threats to the human body!
While exploring the bloodways, learn about how the human body deals with illnesses! Help the platelets clot wounds against outside threats to the body, and call in white blood cells as backup against powerful foes such as Sickle Cell, Diabetes, Influenza and many, many more.

My role as Creative Director required me to oversee the entire process from early concepts, gameplay mechanics, story, animation, effects, sound design, as well as marketing. I managed daily scrums with the design team and weekly developer calls where we would discuss progress, technical solutions, and set goals.

I also coordinated with various outside vendors and consultants. We were fortunate to have some early creative direction set by the brilliant Paul Jenkins.

One of the 40 level designs I did for Hemonauts. These were done in Photoshop and shared among the team via Adobe’s shared library system.

Hemonauts level design


I also led the creative on an alternative version of Hemonauts for the Nashville Adventure Science Center. This two-year interactive installation will serve over 400,000 children as they journey through the museum’s BodyQuest exhibit.


Captionable was a social platform (app and website) where players would share photos with hidden captions (think Instagram meets hangman).

The idea started as a letter guessing game for kids with provided photos. I took that idea and blew it up creating a dynamic social platform with 100% user-generated content.

It grew to have a very passionate community of players.

Increasing brand engagment with Coca-Cola

I have always thought web advertisements could be a lot more interesting and engaging. We created interactive adverts using the Captionable platform for Coca-Cola and ran it during The UEFA Champions League. Engagement metrics were through the roof.

We did several trials with various brands and even some bloggers. We created easy plug-and-play “Captionable widgets” that anyone could add to a webpage and that linked to their Captionable profile.


I was the primary designer on several Facebook Games (back when those were popular). Zombie Mosh was based on a board game where zombies rocked out in a mosh pit until they fell apart. Our team was tasked with creating an addictive Facebook game based on this premise.

I not only participated in conceptualizing the game mechanics but I was responsible for the vast majority of the artwork, animation, interface design, and related marketing materials.

The characters were a lot of fun to create and animate. Below we have a few different “Zomblings” showing off their various death animations after they’ve moshed as much as they can at the club.

Medusa Zombling
Demon Zombling
Gnome Zombling


Roman Taxi was a Facebook game based on a board game of the same name.

This was a preexisting game, but the user experience was shallow and was not keeping players engaged. I was tasked with making it more fun, engaging, and increasing player retention.

I guided a complete overhaul of the game starting with the very basics. We added building and resource mechanics as well as player missions and levels.

I oversaw the entire game economy restructuring and balancing. UX/UI design, new characters, missions, and social hooks.

Within weeks of the updated release, user stats tripled.

Roman Taxi on Facebook


SUNK! was a personal project that I created along with a developer pal.

It was a puzzle game where players would place naval mines on a board in a precise configuration to create a chain reaction and destroy all the enemy subs.